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Join the EdTech Revolution: Unlocking the Future of Learning!

Discover the exponential growth and transformation of education through EdTech. With a 100% surge in users and a 50% boost in engagement from 2019 to 2020, this industry is just beginning. By 2025, it's projected to reach USD 181.3 billion with a staggering CAGR of 16.1%.

Explore the driving forces behind this growth, how personalized learning benefits students, and the increasing investment in education. Get exclusive insights from 180Degrees Consulting SGGSCC that will reshape your understanding of EdTech.

Don't just observe history; be a part of it!

The Thrifty Revolution: Sustainable Fashion Soars!

Thrift fashion is set to explode, aiming for a stunning $64 billion in just half a decade, according to ThredUP's forecast.

The first lockdown spawned a surge of online thrift stores in India. With traditional shopping doors closed and export surpluses halted, a new wave of online thrifting was born.

180 Degrees Consulting unveils a comprehensive industry analysis report on Sustainable Fashion. Dive into the world of thrift in India, explore the revenue models, and uncover the evolving demographics of thrifty shoppers.

Ready to revolutionize the way you think about fashion? Discover branding strategies proposed by 180 DC SGGSCC and be part of the booming industry.

Don't miss out on this sustainable style shift—read the report now!

Sustainble fashion

Invest for a Better World: Uncover the Power of Social Impact!

Impact investing has evolved into a wide-ranging force, aiming for both financial returns and a positive social footprint. But in its finest form, it champions impact over profits, achieving what traditional investments can't.

Social impact funding is thriving, yet its victories reach only a select few.

180 Degrees Consulting SGGSCC invites you to delve into the heart of the social impact sector with an enthralling report on Social Impact Funds. Explore growth, trends, and the competitive landscape, while unveiling comprehensive fundraising strategies. Backed by a primary survey of 500+ respondents, we've turned assumptions into precision.

Ready to ride the wave of positive change? Don't miss this high tide - read more now and ascend to the pinnacle of social impact!

Social Impact Funds

Unlock the Power of Hyperlocal Innovation!

Grofers, Swiggy, Zomato, BigBasket, BookMyShow - sound familiar? These are the game-changers of the Hyperlocal Startup world.


Since the pandemic's dawn, these hyperlocal superheroes have been inundated with orders, driven by safety, convenience, and affordability. 


180 Degrees Consulting SGGSCC unveils an all-encompassing report on the Hyperlocal Food and Grocery Industry. Delve into the competitive battleground, explore the industry's dynamics, conquer the challenges, and discover the seismic impact of COVID-19.


Ready to tap into the explosive Hyperlocal Food and Grocery market? Don't miss this revelation – read our report now!

Budget and Economic survey analysis,22

Unlocking India's Next 25 Years: The Amritkaal Vision!

Ever wondered about India's future 25 years from now? The FY2022-23 budget holds the key!


As India marches towards its 100th year of independence, this budget paves the path for the next quarter-century. With a strong focus on inclusive development, productivity enhancement, energy transition, and climate action, it maps out the journey from India at 75 to India at 100.


A "people-friendly" and "progressive" budget, FY2022-23, is the first stride towards a modern, self-reliant India, igniting the spirit of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Are you ready to embark on this transformational journey into India's future? Discover the Amritkaal vision now!

The Indian Organic Food Market is poised to skyrocket, with a forecast of $2601 Million in just five years.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for organic food surged as consumers recognized its health benefits and immunity-boosting properties. But this trend is here to stay!


Dive into our comprehensive report from 180 Degrees Consulting SGGSCC, shedding light on the organic food industry's remarkable growth, the pandemic's impact, and the natural benefits. Backed by primary research with 100+ respondents, it's a treasure trove of insights.

Ready to savour the organic goodness of the future? Explore the report now! 

#HealthyLiving #SustainableEating

organic food

Nourishing the Future: The Organic Food Revolution!

Empower Progress: Breaking Free of the Pink Tax!

Swami Vivekananda's wisdom echoes true: "A bird cannot fly with one wing." No society can advance significantly without equality for women in economic activities.


180 Degrees Consulting SGGSCC presents a groundbreaking research report on the "Cost of Being a Woman." Discover a comprehensive market analysis of the insidious "pink tax," unveil consumer perceptions on gender-based pricing disparities, and demystify the behavioural economics at play.


Our primary research, with over 500 responses, reveals that awareness regarding social issues like the Gender Pay Gap and Pink Tax is prevalent.

Click the link to explore the complete report and our insightful findings. Let's dismantle the Pink Tax together and empower equality! 

#EqualityForAll #BreakingBarriers #GenderEquality


Unwrap the Power of Packaging: A World of Recognition!


Did you know? A staggering 94% of the world's population instantly recognizes Coca-Cola's iconic red branding, all thanks to its incredible packaging!


Packaging isn't just a container; it's a blend of science, art, and technology that safeguards and showcases products for distribution, sale, and use. Every item we use relies on packaging, making it India's fifth-largest economic sector in 2021, as per the Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI).


180 Degrees Consulting presents an in-depth industry analysis report on the Packaging sector, unveiling its intricate components and holistic essence.


Click the link to dive into the complete report and our enlightening findings. Unveil the secrets of this powerful economic force!

Energy Revolution: How will we power our future?

Our world is changing, and so is the way we create and use energy. In the face of climate change, we must transition to a renewable, low-carbon energy future.

The report "Future of Energy" by 180 Degrees Consulting SGGSCC provides a glimpse into the energy landscape of the coming years. The report identifies several key trends, including the rise of renewable energy sources, the increasing electrification of transportation and industry, and the development of new energy storage technologies.

But the transition to a clean energy future will not be without its challenges.

Are you ready for the energy revolution?


Global Power of Luxury Goods

Report 1 – Global power of luxury goods: What's the allure?


The luxury goods industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But what is it about luxury goods that makes people so willing to spend their hard-earned money on them?

This first report of the four-part mini-report series titled “Global Power of Luxury Goods” by 180dc SGGSCC explores the psychological factors that drive customers to buy luxury goods, the economic impact of the industry, and the current challenges it faces.

Find out how these luxury brands are staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and sustainability.

Report 2—global power of luxury goods: A Deep Dive

The luxury goods industry is more than just fashion and jewelry. It encompasses a wide range of sectors, from makeup and cosmetics to automobiles and real estate.

This second report of the four-part mini-report series titled “global power of luxury goods “delves deeper into the various sectors of the luxury goods industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry's key players, trends, and challenges.

So, let’s dive in and understand how luxury good industry is still thriving in sustainable and innovative market of 21st century.

Global power of luxury goods: Caught in the Crossfire of Pandemic and Russian-Ukraine war

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have had a significant impact on the global luxury goods industry.

In this third report of 180DC SGGSCC’s mini-report series, titled “
GOLBAL POWER OF LUXURY GOODS”, we unpack how in early days of the pandemic, demand for luxury goods plummeted as consumers tightened their belts and travel restrictions limited shopping opportunities. Also, how the Russia-Ukraine war has further exacerbated the situation, disrupted supply chains and driving up inflation.

Let’s know that how are luxury brands adjusting to this changing landscape?

Global power of luxury goods: The Future is Sustainable and Digital

How can luxury brands become more sustainable without compromising on quality or luxury? Sustainability and digitalization are the twin pillars of the future luxury goods industry. But there are other opportunities and threats lie ahead.

The fourth and final report of 180DC SGGSCC’s mini-report series of “GLOBAL POWER OF LUXURY GOODS”, delve into the evolving trends of sustainability and digitalization within the luxury goods industry, exploring the opportunities they present and the challenges they bring.


This report Scrutinize the most important thing that luxury brands need to do to thrive in the future.


UPI, or Unified Payments Interface, is more than just a payment platform. It's a revolution in the way we pay. UPI is a remarkable innovation that is making a real difference in the lives of millions of people. It is a shining example of how technology can be used to improve financial inclusion and economic growth.

In this special report of “RISE OF UPI” by 180DC SGGSCC, we try to explain how and in how many ways UPI is making a difference in-

  • Financial literacy

  • Financial inclusion

  • Economic development

explore in-depth to gain a better understanding with us


UPI: More than just a payment platform

Budget and Economic survey analysis,23

Budget Analysis '23

Didn’t have time to tune in for the budget session? Still curious to learn about the biggest piece of business news in India?

India's recent budget session was a landmark event, outlining a bold vision for the country's future. Four key pillars were identified as essential for driving growth and prosperity. These pillars are –





Let's investigate whether the 2023 budget propels India towards realizing its full potential and establishing itself as a global economic leader.


Online Brokerages: Revolutionizing the Investment Landscape

The rise of online brokerages has had a major impact on the investment landscape.The rise of online brokerages has changes the way we invest. 

In the digital age, online brokerages have transformed investing and trading, making them accessible to everyone.
Join 180DC, SGGSCC on a journey through the online brokerage industry, where you'll discover:

  • The different types of brokerage services available

  • Their unique features and functionalities

  • Real-life examples of how brokerage services have empowered individuals to seize investment opportunities

Ready to learn more?

data infusion

Data Infusion: Transforming Healthcare

Data infusion is transforming the healthcare industry.

In the era of technological advancements, data infusion has become a catalyst for transformation in the healthcare industry.

180DC SGGSCC presents an insightful analysis report on Data Infusion in Healthcare that

  1. Delve into the impact of big data in healthcare,

  2. accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic,

  3. and analyze the competitive landscape,

while also considering opportunities, challenges, and emerging trends in data infusion.

With one click, stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and innovations that are revolutionizing healthcare practices.


Dreams to Reality: Unleashing the Sleep Revolution!

The sleep industry is undergoing a revolution, and this report is your guide to the cutting-edge innovations and trends that are changing the way we sleep.

180DC of SGGSCC presents you their discovery of-

  • Groundbreaking technologies that are helping people get better sleep than ever before

  • The key segments driving the sleep revolution

  • In-depth case studies of companies that are leading the way

Tap into to unleash the power of your dreams !!

India's Outsourcing Powerhouse: A Transformative Force in Global Business

data outsourcing

This illuminating analysis from 180 Degrees Consulting SGGSCC unveils the untapped potential, market size, growth trends, and profound impact of this dynamic industry.


  • How India's outsourcing powerhouse is reshaping global business landscapes and propelling exponential growth.

  • Disruptive innovations and evolving business strategies that are driving the next-generation of outsourcing.

  • The untapped potential of India's outsourcing industry and how to capitalize on it.

Be ready to ride the wave of digital transformation with India's outsourcing industry

Interim Budget Analysis’24

interim budget 24

A Glimpse into the Ambitious 2024-25 Interim Budget, Charting a Course for Viksit Bharat - India's Vision for a Developed Nation by 2047
While the full budget arrives after the elections, the recent interim budget 2024-25 offered a crucial glimpse into the government's plans for the coming year. Buckle up, because just like its predecessor, this budget isn't short on ambition! 
The Budget focuses upon 5 key strategies for achieving Amrit kaal:
•    Infrastructure and Investment
•    Inclusive development
•    Sustainable development
•    Youth and Women power
•    Agriculture

Missed the Interim Budget Buzz? Catch Up Here!

India in 2030

india n 2030

At a pivotal juncture, India stands on the brink of defining its destiny in the next decade. 

The choices made in this critical period will shape India's trajectory, determining its emergence as a 
major global force, hinging on continued growth and innovation. The report includes:

•    Demographic Trends
•    Technological Outlook
•    Sustainable Development  
•    India’s Bilateral Relations 

Click once to access the forefront of new trends and innovations propelling India into a new era in 2030!

Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

The Indian gaming industry isn't just embarking on a remarkable journey; it's a thrilling adventure packed with boundless opportunities and inevitable challenges.

With millions of gamers fueling its momentum, India proudly holds one of the globe's largest gaming markets. So, what's in store? Let's dive into the exhilarating world of gaming:

•    Market Analysis and Trends
•    How to Monetize Gaming?
•    Careers in Gaming
•    Future of the Gaming Industry

Embark on a single click to explore the pioneering frontiers of India’s gaming industry, where virtual realms redefine reality!

Start up Industry

start up industry

This in-depth report covers the evolution of startup culture, the diverse types of startups thriving in India, and the funding and investment trends fueling their growth. 

Explore the robust startup ecosystem and its significant impact on the economy, while delving into the unique challenges these ventures face.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • An overview of key government schemes supporting startups

  • Detailed case studies of leading innovators like Zerodha, Zepto, and Tiggle

  • Exclusive insights from Tiggle's founder via a live podcast

  • A global comparison of India's startup scene

  • Future trends and predictions shaping this vibrant industry

Discover the secrets behind India's Start up Boom - exclusive insights inside!

Tourism Industry

tourism industry

Embark on an in-depth journey through the vibrant landscape of India's tourism industry with our comprehensive report! Uncover the current landscape and delve into the economic impact and significance of tourism to India. 


 Key highlights of the report include: 

  •  Analysis of the economic impact and significance of tourism in India. 

  • Exploration of niche tourism segments. 

  • Overview of visa regulations and frameworks. Insights into the future outlook and trends.

  • Examination of the impact of Covid-19 on tourism.

  • Review of government initiatives and policies.


Unlock the Hidden Secrets of India's Booming Tourism Industry – Must-Read Insights Inside!

Creator's Economy

Creator's economy

Dive into the vibrant and rapidly evolving world of the Creator Economy through our comprehensive report. We explore what motivates individuals to become creators, documenting their aspirations and goals, and tracing their unique journeys within the ecosystem.

 Key highlights of the report include: 

  •   Exploration of creator motivations and goals.

  • Analysis of the creator's journey and ecosystem dynamics.

  • Insights into key players driving innovation.

  • Market segmentation trends within the creator economy. Impact and significance of initiatives like the National Creator's Award.


Unlock the Secrets of Success in the Creator Economy – Insights You Can't Afford to Miss!

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